Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tool #3

I enjoy using YouTube, and my students, too, appreciate what I find for them there.  Little clips that dramatize and enrich what we're learning in class.  Students can relate to these.  We can also post their own presentations, giving instruction and student group activities a "Hollywood" look.  It's very motivating knowing they're going to be "on TV".  The videos I've tried to embed are blocked, so I'll have to try again later when I have more time.

Tool #2

Posting comments on the blogs of people you have something in common with is fine, but the real benefit for an educator is the potential for interaction among students.  Sharing ideas, opinions, research promotes higher level and critical thinking skills.  The social network I'm most familiar with is Facebook, where one can share just about anything.

Tool #1

Found an Eiffel tower to coordinate with my poodle Voki.  Oo la la.  Blog has been created.